Berger Photography Club exhibition at Well Street Kitchen

Since early 2015 I have been working alongside Fi Backhouse to facilitate a photography club for year 5 and 6 pupils at Berger Primary School. During that time we have found it amazing to see the different way that pupils relate to taking photographs. Some approach the activity very seriously, grasp technical aspects of photography with confidence and then take their time waiting for specific moments and carefully selected shots. Others have fun with the camera, take their photographs quickly, snap excitedly and move on to different subjects in an instant.

One aspect that always stands out is that without lengthy training pupils are able to produce intriguing photographs. They have a brilliant knack for creating atmospheric abstract images from everyday objects and scenes. Given a brief to photograph their favourite colours, ten year old pupils can produce abstract masterpieces.

Photography taken by our club members during 2015 is currently on display at Well Street Kitchen, 203 Well Street, E9. You can see it there till August 17th 2016. 

Watch this space for information on more work by our current and future members.

© Text by Angela Stapleford – Community, Education & Photography, July 2016